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Quantutong Location Network Co.,Ltd. Was established in Beijing in April 2016. Based on national network of BEIDOU ground-based augmentation system, the company effectively integrates satellite remote sensing technology, communication technology, Internet of Things technology, and big data cloud service to build a service platform of high-precision location with meters-level, sub-meters-level, and centimeters-level. High-precision location service is able to satisfy the needs of precise location service for countries, industries and the public. 

With the concept of “openness, cooperation, sharing and win-win”, the company contributes to joint enterprises in the industry and promotes the development of BEIDOU industry. Quantutong Co. provides one-step precise and convenient location service, and the solutions of industries operations. The precise location service will become the new Internet infrastructure to connect, activate and the drive the locational (BEIDOU) ecological development.